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Through the improvement of mold design duringstamping, add welding or tapping process in mold and fiber sensor to detectmissing welding, thus achieved the integration of stamping, welding/tapping andinspection. The lifetime of each tooling is 5,000,000 times, and speed could bemore than 70 times/min. It greatly increased capacity, reduced labor andprocess cost, and maintain more stable quality to compare with traditionalmanual welding.

Forming in mold through feeding silver wire,contacts or profile tape, double side welding in one step also be available.


Terminal/Spring: Copper, Brass,Phosphorcopper, copper nickel, beryllium copper, white copper, Nickel, Aluminium, Iron,stainless steel, Monel, Clad metal etc.

Contacts: Ag, AgNi, AgCu, AgCuNi, AgCdO, AgSnO2, AgSnO2In2O3, andso on.


Mainly used in Thermostat, Protector, Switchsocket, Controller, and other middle or low voltage appliances, and so on.

Capacity:25,000,000pcs/month with more than 20 sets of equipments.

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